Here’s A Six-Step Process To Making Amazing New Friends As An Adult

Let’s Demystify The Friend-Making Process

Let’s Rewind For A Minute (and Dig Up Embarrassing Old Pictures): Here’s My Awkward Friend-Making (and Losing) Journey To Date

Me as an awkward 5th grader, hoping that my cool Sylvester visor would attract new friends.
Me in middle school. I am on the far right, with the coke-bottle glasses and JORTS PULLED UP TO MY ARM PITS.
Me in high school with Steve, Lael, and Joe, fellow members of the Society of Automotive Engineers.
Me at 18, freshman year at the University of Michigan with my first-ever boyfriend (who loved water polo), attempting to be cool by drinking for the first time and then immediately projectile vomiting and passing out because I am violently allergic to alcohol and haven’t touched the stuff since.
Gardiner House, Smith College
With Jenny, my very first best forever friend in 2002. ❤
With Jenny after officiating her wedding in October 2017. ❤

Here’s A 6-Step Process To Making Amazing New Friends As An Adult

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